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Whether you’re a single mother looking to locate the legal father of your child or a father looking to claim your parental rights, establishing paternity greatly benefits the well-being of the child. In recent decades, there has been a sharp increase in paternity cases throughout Florida due to the fact that more children are being born to couples that are not married.

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Florida Paternity

In Florida, a child’s father is not considered a “legal” father if he is not married to the mother when the child is born. If this is the case, legal paternity has to be established for the child. This can be done two different ways: an acknowledgement of paternity can be signed by both parents in the hospital at the time of a child’s birth, or a father will have to file a paternity judgment as soon as possible. To make a long story short, if the father’s name is not listed on the birth certificate, then he will have to seek legal assistance to establish paternity.

There are many legal and emotional benefits to establishing paternity of a child, including:

  • Access to Information regarding family medical history
  • The child knows who his or her father is
  • Placement of the father’s name on the birth certificate
  • Health or life insurance from either parent, if available
  • Financial child support and medical support from both parents
  • The ability to receive Social Security or veteran’s benefits, military allowances, and inheritances

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There is a stigma that going through the legal process of establishing paternity is daunting and expensive– but that is not necessarily the case. At the Law Office of Steven D. Turnage, we understand how important it is to move quickly when attempting to establish paternity of a child. We also understand how critical it is that a father be a part of their child’s life, and we will work hard to get you the results you deserve. If you or a loved one is looking to establish paternity, contact us to schedule an initial consultation to discuss the steps that need to be taken.


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